Thorwald Proll - An (k)einem Tag wie jeder Andere


Trikont-Duisburg and Dialog-Edition
Duisburg 2020, 60 pages

Thorwald Proll born 22.7.1941 in Kassel, attended the humanistic grammar school there.
Didn't get beyond an initial study of German language and literature and theatre studies.
Instead he got to know some "Volksuniversitäten" (prisons) in the student movement.
Consequently, his first volume of poems about his time in prison appeared in 1972 as a lyrical confession.
with the editor Klaus Röhler at Luchterhand Verlag.

Most recently published, each as Self Publishing, the books: "Raus mit der Sprache", 2016 and "(M)Ein 68 Aufzeichnungen Briefe (Tagebuch) Schlussswort im Kaufhausbrandprozess Fotos Dokumente im Sinne des Unerforschlichen", 2018, "Radikaliski - gebrauchte und neue Gedichte", 2019.

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Thorwald Proll - An (k)einem Tag wie jeder Andere