Mesut Bayraktar - Briefe aus Istanbul

142 pages, size: 125x210 mm
ISBN 978-3-945634-34-9

"You have hope, you dream - he said quietly, and looked up again; at the stars. We remained silent. I felt challenged (...), but I didn't want to get involved. Then, after a minute or two, he added with his rough, clear speaking voice that we would not find peace anywhere. We would be exiled forever, restless."

Mesut Bayraktar, born 1990, studied law in Düsseldorf, Lausanne and Cologne. He is currently studying philosophy in a master's degree. Most recently his first book "Die Belagerten" was published by Dialog-Edition. In addition to stories and plays, he writes columns, essays and reviews for the taz.


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Mesut Bayraktar - Briefe aus Istanbul